Who Are They?

Ristretto is a concept for an upmarket coffee shop with a strong connected community feel to it. The reason behind the name Ristretto (Italian for ‘concentrated’ ) is that it doubles up as a word meaning to be close-knit and perfect.

Ristretto has a strong connection to local people and with a community feel. All produce is local, beans roasted locally, selling local food and refreshments and have art/crafts from local artists for sale on the inside walls to give off a creative vibe.

What Did I Do?

I created the visual identity & branding of Ristretto along with packaging, loyalty cards, letterheads, stickers, apparel, mugs and more.

This was an assignment for my Graphic Design course which I thoroughly enjoyed working on.


Services Provided:

Branding & Identity, Digital Design, Stationary Design, Editorial and Publication Design

Credit Due:

Thanks to Mike Keenan my Graphic Design tutor and mentor for his constant guidance and critique throughout the project.

Project Date:

Spring 2023

Ristretto - Portfolio - Joe Winfield - Web & Graphic Design Cork