Who Are They?

KTDA is a skate/punk-rock inspired lifestyle brand focused on positivity and pushing yourself to do what you love.

When surfers started skateboarding during colder months, they’d refer to it as “keeping the dream alive.” They adapted so they didn’t have to stop doing what they loved – think of it as surfing on land, just add some wheels! This is the inspiration behind the carefree mental health advocates, KTDA.

What Did I Do?

Everything! This is my brain child. For KTDA, I created a strong visual identity and brand, as well as a colourful logo with a few variations along with various merchandise and advertising. Merchandise includes: T-shirts, Tops, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Totes and Masks. Advertising includes: Posters, Billboards, a magazine, an upcoming Website and social media content.

This was an assignment for my Graphic Design course which I thoroughly enjoyed working on.


Services Provided:

Identity and Branding, Editorial and Publication Design, Digital Design

Credit Due:

Thanks to Mike Keenan my Graphic Design tutor and mentor for his constant guidance and critique throughout the project.

Project Date:

Summer 2022

KTDA - Portfolio - Joe Winfield - Web & Graphic Design Cork