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A senior designer with over 12 years of experience in leadership, project management, marketing, product, accessibility, web and graphic design based in Cork City, Ireland.


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Voted one of the best tourist pubs in Ireland

Who Are They?

Widely known by locals and tourists alike, the Franciscan Well Bar, based in the heart of Cork city, has a deep-rooted passion for brewing and distilling. The Brewpub has won numerous awards including Best Tourist Bar and Best Outdoor space and our beers have won awards for their outstanding quality and taste.

What Did I Do?

Noel contacted me in order to revamp their current website and to also include an online shop, a table reservation booking form and a brewery tour reservation system. The Fran Well Bar’s customers can now buy there products, book a table or a tour with ease on their brand new website across all major browsers and devices.

Online orders, brewery tour bookings and table reservations increased ten fold

How Did I Do It?

  1. Research: Client meetings and phone calls, competitor analysis, existing online presence research and SEO research.
  2. Objectives:
    1. Increase the number of online orders, table reservations and tour bookings.
    2. Improve their online presence via a website redesign.
    3. Enhance website user experience and responsiveness.
  3. Prototype: Basic sketches then Figma.
  4. Design: Photoshop and WordPress CMS.
  5. Delivery: The project was completed within 3 months over multiple drafts. The client received a handover session with presentation to go through website maintenance and updates.

How Did I Resolve Pain Points?

  • Outdated website with subpar order and booking systems:
    • I overhauled the website (WordPress CMS) to meet the company’s professional standards, focusing on improving the online order and booking systems.
    • I implemented a modern and intuitive online ordering system (WooCommerce) that streamlines the process for customers to place orders.
    • I integrated a secure payment gateway to enable customers to make payments online for orders and reservations, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
    • I integrated a user-friendly booking system (WP Events Manager) that allows customers to schedule tours and reserve tables with ease.
    • I conducted thorough testing to ensure the functionality and reliability of the online order and booking systems, addressing any issues or discrepancies promptly.
  • Lack of mobile responsiveness and sluggish loading times:
    • I optimised the website for mobile responsiveness to ensure a seamless browsing experience across all devices.
    • I utilised techniques such as image optimisation, code minification, and caching to improve loading times and enhance overall performance.

"He was extremely accommodating to adapting the project plan as it evolved"


After the website’s redesign, we’ve seen a notable boost in overall performance, an incredible increase in successful online orders and tour bookings, and heightened engagement with customers through a rise in messages re: reservations and bookings. While specific figures are pending, the positive anecdotal feedback underscores the success of the redesign in enhancing user experiences and fostering meaningful interactions.

Services Provided:

Web Design & Development and E-commerce Solutions.

Project Deliverables:

  • Brand new website
  • Content & SEO strategy
  • Website editing instructions
  • Client handover presentation and documentation


During my time at Jaywin Design

Credit Due:

Thanks to Michael, Noel and Kate from the Fran Well Bar for all their help in getting this project under way and executed.

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Project Date:

Summer 2021

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