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Joe Winfield

A senior designer with over 12 years of experience in leadership, project management, marketing, product, accessibility, web and graphic design based in Cork City, Ireland.


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Over 25 years experience in the insulation industry

Who Are They?

Envirobead are distributors & installers of a wide range of insulation products nationwide. They are based in Mallow and hold 25 years+ experience in the insulation industry.

What Did I Do?

I completed this project in-house with 3B1. Alongside 3B1, I was brought in alongside the design team to create a professional website in order to showcase Envirobead’s services, grant applications and case studies. The professionalism and high end feel of the business is well encapsulated in their new website. 

Envirobead's number of staff and contractors increased from just two into the hundreds

How Did I Do It?

  1. Research: Client meetings and phone calls, competitor analysis, existing online presence research and SEO research.
  2. Objectives:
    1. Increase customer engagement resulting in a boost in SEAI grant applications.
    2. Improve their online presence via a website redesign.
    3. Enhance website user experience and responsiveness.
  3. Prototype: Basic sketches then Figma.
  4. Design: Photoshop and WordPress CMS.
  5. Delivery: The project was completed within 3 months over multiple drafts. The client received a handover session with presentation to go through website maintenance and updates.

How Did I Resolve Pain Points?

  • Limited information available on the SEAI Grant Scheme:
    • I create a dedicated section on the website with comprehensive information about the SEAI Grant scheme, including eligibility criteria, application process, available incentives, and FAQs.
    • I regularly updated the information to ensure it reflects the latest changes and updates to the SEAI Grant scheme.
  • Outdated website design:
    • I redesigned the website to align with the company’s professional standards and modern design trends.
    • I used high-quality images, clean layouts, and intuitive navigation to enhance the overall user experience across all devices.
    • I incorporated branding elements and messaging that reflect the company’s values and identity.
  • Lack of mobile responsiveness and slow loading times:
    • I optimised the website for mobile responsiveness to ensure a seamless experience for users accessing the site from smartphones and tablets.
    • I improved website performance by optimising images, minifying CSS and JavaScript files, and leveraging browser caching.
  • Inconvenient process for requesting free quotations:
    • I implemented an online quotation request form on the website, allowing customers to submit their project details and contact information easily.
    • I provided clear instructions on how to request a free quotation and what information is required from the customer.
    • I set up automated notifications to alert the company’s sales team whenever a new quotation request is submitted.

Strongly enhancing user experiences and fostering meaningful interactions


After the website’s redesign, we’ve seen an incredible boost in the amount of grant applications and quotation requests received and increased rankings on search engines. While specific figures are pending, the positive anecdotal feedback underscores the success of the redesign in enhancing user experiences and fostering meaningful interactions.

Services Provided:

Web Design & Development and E-commerce Solutions

Project Deliverables:

  • Brand new website
  • Style guide
  • Content & SEO strategy
  • Client handover presentation and documentation


During my time at 3B1

Credit Due:

A big thanks to Mark, Manjeet and Matt at 3B1 and Fergal Cantwell from Envirobead who I worked alongside in this project who made the whole process seamless.

Project Link:


Project Date:

Spring 2022

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