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A senior designer with over 12 years of experience in leadership, project management, marketing, product, accessibility, web and graphic design based in Cork City, Ireland.


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Gold winning cheese at the 2017 Global Cheese Awards

Who Are They?

Carbery Cracker is a smooth mature cheddar that has a rounded flavour – the perfect size to put on your cracker or simply enjoy on its own. Since launching in summer 2017, the product has created quite a stir within the market and has received recognition by winning Gold at the 2017 Global Cheese Awards.

What Did I Do?

Carbery Group approached me to create the brand new website of their popular new product, Carbery Cracker. They wanted a website to host their products and recipes in style. I based the design off of an artistic chopping board covered with food, a lot of textures and colours. I am most proud of the recipe section where you can watch the recipe videos and tick off your progress as you follow the recipes. This vibrant and lively design looks great across all devices and all major browsers.

Carbery Cracker has created quite a stir within the market and has won several world renowned awards

How Did I Do It?

  1. Research: Client meetings and phone calls, competitor analysis, existing online presence research and SEO research.
  2. Objectives:
    1. Improve their online presence with a brand new website.
    2. Enhance website user experience and responsiveness.
    3. Improve the range and recipe portfolio of their products.
  3. Prototype: Basic sketches then Figma.
  4. Design: Photoshop and WordPress CMS.
  5. Delivery: The project was completed within 2 months over multiple drafts. The client received a handover session with presentation to go through website maintenance and updates.

How Did I Resolve Pain Points?

  • Limited online presence, solely reliant on Instagram:
    • I created a professional website for Carbery Cracker to complement its Instagram account and expand its online presence.
    • I developed engaging content for the website, including product descriptions and recipes, to enhance its value and appeal to potential customers.
  • Lack of online references to showcase achievements and products:
    • I built an online portfolio section on Carbery Cracker’s website to showcase its awards, achievements, products, and content.
    • I utilised multimedia elements such as photos, videos, and interactive graphics to highlight Carbery Cracker’s products and showcase them in an engaging and visually appealing manner.
    • I optimised the website for search engines to improve its visibility and make it easier for potential customers to find information about Carbery Cracker’s accolades and offerings online.

"The website was developed on time and designed exactly the way we wanted"


After the website’s creation, we’ve seen an incredible boost in overall performance, rising rankings on search engines, and heightened engagement with customers through a rise in correspondence. While specific figures are pending, the positive anecdotal feedback underscores the success of the design in enhancing user experiences and fostering meaningful interactions.

Services Provided:

Web Design & Development

Project Deliverables:

  • Brand new website
  • Style guide
  • Content & SEO strategy
  • Client handover presentation and documentation


During my time at Jaywin Design

Credit Due:

Thanks to Owen & Aoife from Carbery Group for supplying all branding and photography for the project.

Project Link:


Project Date:

Spring 2020

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