Who Are They?

Akrobat is not your typical band. Avant-garde and experimental, they move between overlapping genres and sounds with agility, from left-field to mainstream to somewhere in between. Akrobat is redefining the interface between music and art with their unique exploration of new styles and genres.

What Did I Do?

Shane from Akrobat got in touch as he needed graphic design work done in preparation for the band’s first album ‘Jammed Space Movements’ launch in early 2023.

I created an Akrobat motif (based on an Anna Louise Hally photo), social media graphics, t-shirts, a gig poster, album artwork (front/back covers) and two single covers to help launch the band into world stardom.

From talking to Shane and seeing the band, I feel I’ve encapsulated the band’s personality and energy in each of these pieces.


Services Provided:

Identity & Branding and Editorial & Digital Design

Credit Due:

Shane Regan (Akrobat Frontman) for his constant feedback and ideas. Band photo shoot files provided by Akrobat. Album cover photo (Model: Tori) and motif inspiration from Anna Louise Hally.

Project Date:

Winter 2022

Akrobat - Portfolio - Joe Winfield - Web & Graphic Design Cork