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Joe Winfield

A senior designer with over 12 years of experience in leadership, project management, marketing, product, accessibility, web and graphic design based in Cork City, Ireland.


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IntroductionMy ProcessProject Results & Details

They move between overlapping genres & sounds with agility, from left-field to mainstream

Who Are They?

Akrobat is not your typical band, they are redefining the interface between music and art with their unique exploration of new styles and genres.

What Did I Do?

Shane from Akrobat first got in touch as he needed graphic design work done in preparation for the band’s first album ‘Jammed Space Movements’ launch in early 2023.

Alongside this, I created multiple designs for singles, EPs, merchandise, social media assets and promotional material.

From talking to Shane and seeing the band, I feel I’ve encapsulated the band’s personality and energy in each of these pieces.

Akrobat have received numerous awards, valuable airtime on prestigious radio stations & performed nationwide.

How Did I Do It?

  1. Research: Client briefing, mood-boarding, target audience research, brand exploration, medium-specific research and trend analysis.
  2. Objectives:
    1. Create a strong identity for Akrobat.
    2. Communicate Akrobat’s personality.
    3. Reflect their musical style within the graphic design provided.
    4. Facilitate Akrobat’s marketing.
    5. Make all deliverables adaptable for multiple platforms.
  3. Prototype: Moodboard and Sketching.
  4. Design: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign.
  5. Delivery: The project is ongoing as the group continues to release new music. The client receives a handover session with each deliverable to discuss its design decision making.

"Joe is very responsive, friendly, and easy to communicate with and is genuinely invested in his client"


Upon reflection, it’s incredibly rewarding to see their ongoing journey from concept to concept. Crafting visuals that capture the essence of the band and translate ideas into a compelling narrative has been both a creative challenge and a fulfilling experience. 

Services Provided:

Identity & Branding and Editorial & Digital Design

Project Deliverables:

  • Branding & visual identity
  • Logo designs
  • Album, EP & single cover artwork
  • Posters
  • Social media assets
  • T-shirts


During my time at Jaywin Design

Credit Due:

Shane Regan (Akrobat Frontman) for his constant feedback and ideas. Various band photoshoot files provided by Akrobat.

Project Date:

Winter 2022 – Present

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